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Lucas Santtana

Lucas Santtana


4 Jul 2010 - 19:00

Open-Air Amphitheatre

Born in Baía, just like Tom Zé, but now living in Rio de Janeiro, Lucas Santtana produces music that is a mixture of tradition and experimentalism, a way of doing things that has always been particularly noticeable in the Rio artistic and musical scene.

In the best traditions of samba, Lucas Santtana belongs to a group of musicians exploring all the sound possibilities that are offered by the guitar, although he does not limit himself to simply playing this instrument. He works regularly with Tom Zé, Arto Lindsay or João Brasil, who are themselves other fine examples of this more exploratory dimension of Brazilian music. His latest album, “Sem Nostalgia”, was released less than a year ago and this will be the first time that Lucas has appeared in Portugal.